I spent many years abroad, graduated from LIU in New York and traveling has always been my passion. Wherever I was, whether in the States or Europe, I watched with fascination how comprehensively and friendly the treatment rooms for clients were created. Places that spoil their customers with the atmosphere, technology and quality of services. The idea for Hevena Beauty is the aftermath of my travel experiences. I wanted to create a unique place where you will not only be able to take advantage of professional treatments, but one that will be characterized by a passionate approach. Hevena Beauty is a place with soul and energy that you are happy to come back to and even miss …


I am a master of science, specializing in psychology in business. I focus on development and self-improvement to optimally use my resources for the broadly understood good of the salon. I love working with people, I am fascinated by cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. I have several years of experience working in the Beauty industry, in which I am constantly developing. I am an open and helpful person who is committed to my work. As the manager of the Hevena Beauty salon, I put customer satisfaction and the quality of services first.

Magdalena Stoczyńska

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Lodz. A specialist in the field of neurology. From the beginning of her professional career, she has been associated with aesthetic medicine. In order to ensure the highest possible standard of care and treatment, she constantly raises her qualifications by actively participating in numerous practical courses, trainings and symposia. Facial aesthetics is at the center of her professional interests. In working with patients, she wants to achieve an attractive, healthy and, above all, natural effect. He approaches the issue of health and beauty holistically – treatments and treatments are selected after thoroughly familiarizing themselves with the patient and his needs. The key is noble moderation – achieving the maximum effect with minimal interference.

Karolina Olczak

My name is Karolina, I am inquisitive, conscientious and well organized. I try to do everything as well as possible. I am a cosmetologist by passion. I have been fulfilling myself in this profession for over 14 years. I do my work with passion and full commitment. I love contact with the client and I can’t imagine that I could do anything else. My advantage is the gift of listening and my innate empathy towards people, it makes my work much easier, because my clients often treat me like a person they can confide in or just talk to. I treat each client individually and with face care treatments I never let anyone out without the obligatory face massage. It builds trust and at the same time is the best ending of the treatment with a beneficial effect on the skin and muscles of the face. I specialize in face and body care. I feel best in treatments using a needle, such as needle mesotherapy, micro-needle mesotherapy as well as treatments using strong high-pressure acids, because then you can observe changes taking place on the skin. I am not afraid of any new treatments and I am willing to take on new challenges. I constantly improve my qualifications by completing additional courses and trainings, because I like to develop and expand my knowledge. I am glad to be able to work in Hevena’s team because I am sure that this is where I will spread my wings the most.


My name is Marta Wyder. I am a cosmetologist with many years of passionate experience. From the beginning of my professional career in cosmetology, I have focused on professionalism. I approach clients individually and make every effort to ensure that everyone who uses my services can feel special. I love facial treatments, but also makeup for various occasions is my passion. I graduated from the make-up school and completed all cosmetology courses. I am the person who will always find a solution.

Ewelina Skrodzka - COSMETOLOGIST

I am a cosmetology graduate with over 6 years of professional experience. For 3 years he has been actively involved in aesthetic cosmetology. I perform treatments such as microneedle and needle mesotherapy, I choose therapies individually to the problem that the client is struggling with. Working on technologically advanced machines gives spectacular results and customer satisfaction. I love working with people, new challenges and techniques combined in cosmetic treatments. This allows me to strive for perfection in creating beauty and harmony between the body and soul of my pupils. Cosmetology is my passion. Thanks to joining the Hevena Technology salon, I do what I love and I can develop further. I invite you to a consultation.

ANNA LEŚNIEWSKA – physiotherapist

Physiotherapist, graduate of the Academy of Physical Education and Sport. Jędrzej Śniadeckiego in Gdańsk, which I graduated with a master’s degree. I specialize in wellness and spa & wellness treatments. Constant expansion of my knowledge and professional skills helps me to propose individual solutions and perform optimal treatments. Customer satisfaction and improvement of their quality of life with building self-confidence in them gives me a lot of positive energy and job satisfaction.

Weronika Masuhr - hairdresser

My name is Weronika Masuhr. I am a young age, although I already have 7 years of experience in the hairdressing industry. For as long as I can remember, hairdressing has fascinated me. I constantly improve my strength, which is coloring, following the current trends. Along with the impeccable hairstyle, the selected color and the perfect condition of the hair, I provide my clients with a lot of good energy along with advice on proper care.


I am a nail stylist with many years of experience. Nails have always been my passion, to which I devoted my free time even before I took up it professionally. Well-groomed hands and feet are our showpiece and attribute of femininity. I especially care about the quality of my work in terms of maintaining all standards of hygiene and aesthetics so that my client always feels comfortable and safe. In my work, the smile on the face of a satisfied customer brings me the most joy.


I am a nail stylist with many years of experience. Nails are my passion. I give 100% of myself to every job I do. Work hygiene and customer safety are the most important for me. My job is very satisfying to me when I see a smile on the face of a satisfied customer. I treat the nails like a canvas, then creativity knows no bounds. He specializes in nail art. I am a very communicative and open person, I value honesty and loyalty.

Katarzyna Cichla - NAIL STYLIST

Hello. My name is Katarzyna Cichla. Currently I am studying cosmetology at the University of Health in Gdańsk. For years my love is nails. I am characterized by precision and accuracy. After visiting me you will come out always smiling with beautiful nails. I love decorations, nothing scares me. I care about individualism.

Daria Stawiasz - NAIL STYLIST

Good day. For many years she has been working as a nail stylist. I translate my passion into my clients. I make sure that the client is always satisfied. I am very careful, I pay attention to details, thanks to which my nails are durable and have a beautiful shape. Hevena beauty salon cares about hygiene and sterility, which is one of the most important elements for me. I try to make my clients feel comfortable during the service and leave them happy.

Daria Mazur - receptionist

My name is Daria Mazur. I am a second-year student of cosmetology at the College of Health in Gdańsk. I’m interested in cosmetology, mainly beauty and beauty treatments. I’m just “entering” the world of cosmetology, but I am really in love with what miracles we can do after one or two visits. In my free time I try to fulfill my passion, that is to sing. Apart from singing, I am also interested in photography. I am an open person and I always try to help in any situation, the best I can. I would like every client of Heven Beauty to leave us with a smile and in a good mood.

Kasia Wróblewska - receptionist

My name is Kasia and I am a future student of management at the Higher School of Administration and Business. She works as a receptionist on a daily basis and develops my passions such as sports or cooking.
I am a person open to new challenges and even in the most critical situation, I find solutions so that each party is satisfied. I make every effort to ensure that every customer of Heven Beauty leaves us satisfied and will gladly come back to us.

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