CRESCINA - Oxygen infusion for hair

Full cosmetic treatment for topical application The product prevents hair thinning. By introducing the preparation with an oxygen infusion, the ampoule goes straight into the scalp, which gives us better results. The product contains the patented Crescina Growth ingredients that support physiological hair growth. Additionally, when purchasing a package, the client gets 20 ampoules for home application at home.

There are two types of treatments:

CRESCINA RE-GROWTH HFSC 100% (amber ampoules) contains the patented ingredients of Crescina Re-Growth (cysteine, lysine and glycoprotein), which support physiological hair growth. Some of the patented active substances (cysteine, lysine, glycoprotein and the Stem-Engine complex) are placed in special carriers, thanks to which they are gradually and continuously released on the scalp.

CRESCINA ANTI-HAIR LOSS HSSC (transparent ampoule) combines the most important active ingredients (hydroxyproline, aspartic acid, enzyme activator and taurine) with hydrolyzed yeast protein and acetyl tetrapeptide-3, which effectively strengthens the hair at the root (in-vitro studies on active ingredients). The formula was enriched with the HSSC complex, which is designed to protect and nourish the skin. Crescina Anti-Hair Loss HSSC is a preparation that helps to prevent and counteract hair loss due to physiological, not pathological reasons.


– skin allergies,
– skin eczema,
– atopic dermatitis.

The preparation contains a vasodilator, which may cause temporary congestion and burning of the skin.


– problems with hair loss,
– sparse hair


– Supports natural hair growth,
– inhibits hair loss.

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