Discoloration, acne, very dry or flaccid facial skin are now common ailments that Hevena Beauty meets and dedicates our new HEVENA BEAUTY CONCEPT program, which thanks to the knowledge and experience of our cosmetologists will effectively help in the fight for a beautiful complexion.

Improving the condition of the skin is a job and a long-term process that requires comprehensive and multi-dimensional action. Only conscious and systematic treatments and selected home care bring lasting results. Hence the idea to create an individual care program, in which our experts will prepare a long-term plan of treatments and home care that will allow you to effectively deal with skin ailments.

The duration of the program depends on the condition of the skin and is usually from 3 to 6 months. After the end of the treatment plan, clients receive golden “club” cards entitling to a 10% discount on treatments at Hevena Beauty and an additional beauty treatment as a gift.

The first model from the HEVENA BEAUTY CONCEPT project

Ms Kamila came to us with the problem of post-solar discoloration of the skin of the face, after incorrect exposure to the sun. In addition, the skin lost its firmness, the first signs of aging and dark circles under the eyes were visible.

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For this purpose, we performed a series of treatments appropriate to the client’s skin type. We performed treatments every week and most importantly, the client used professional home care cosmetics.
– Up washing Hiperpigmentation skin:
Face wash gel with mandelic acid, a derivative of azelaic acid and vitamin B3.
– Lightening Tonic:
Face tonic with lactic acid.
– Lighter + cream:
A specialized, year-round cream for discoloration, containing kojic acid, arbutin, vitamin C and retinol.


The discoloration disappeared by 80% ☺

Below we present the plan of treatments that were performed during the Hevena Beauty Concept!


Date of treatment 

Treatment process




Aquapure – consists in removing dead cells and impurities from the surface of the skin, with the simultaneous application of specialized active substances selected for the skin problem with cleansing, moisturizing and rejuvenating properties.

After the first treatment, the client’s skin became clean, smooth, radiant and younger.

60 min/400zł


Chemical peel brand Peel Mission Lightening 2 (lactobionic acid 50%) + Vitamin C – it is a product with high effectiveness in rejuvenating therapies reducing scars, discoloration, acne and rosacea.Peeling designed to reduce discoloration. We also used Vitamin C peel 2 with a concentration of 40% and pH 1.6.

Vitamin C firms the skin and restores its glow. The product is effective in reducing broken dishes. It can be used in summer.

The facial skin was gently exfoliating after 2 days. The client noticed a significant improvement in skin firmness and tension, the discoloration slightly disappeared

60 min/200zł


Chemical peels Lightening 2 + Lightening 3 + Vitamin C + mask.In this treatment, we combined two acids, 30% and 80%, in order to increase the exfoliation of the epidermis.

After the treatment, the client felt significant skin tension, the epidermis peeled off after 2-3 days. The complexion brightened after a week, discoloration disappeared in 60%.

60 min/200zł


DepiGen Peel Mission treatment. A treatment with a triple mechanism of combating discoloration, non-invasive, using 10% gentisic acid, hexylresorcinol and fruit enzymes.

For skin with discoloration of various etiologies.

Operation of the key components of the treatment:

– lightening discoloration
– uniform skin tone

– smoothing and renewing the epidermis

After the treatment, the skin of the client visibly brightened, as did the discoloration. The bruises under the eyes are gone. The skin has regained radiance, delicate wrinkles have become shallower.

60 min/200zł

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