Little cosmetics treatments

In order to meet all the cosmetic and care needs of our clients, Hevena Beauty also offers a wide range of fine cosmetics. We invite you, among others for henna, eyebrow regulation and epilation. Every smallest request of our clients is fulfilled with passion and commitment.


Powder henna is a novelty on the cosmetic market. It is an alternative to permanent makeup. The effect on the skin and hair lasts longer compared to traditional henna and guarantees better coverage of gray eyebrows. If you care about the natural look and perfect shape of your eyebrows, then the powder henna will be a great choice. Powder henna cares for the hair, nourishes and cares for it. Restores eyebrow growth by 60%. During the treatment, the beautician will apply the coloring paste and will ensure that the eyebrows are adjusted and given a perfect shape that will match your face and eye frame. The eyebrows will be beautifully filled.


• Suitable for all types and shapes of eyebrows
• Strengthens the natural color of the eyebrows
• It is durable – it lasts up to 6 weeks
• It also colors the skin, so you can give a new attractive shape to your eyebrows
• It is natural (but it can also cause allergies!)
• The henna powder kit is very efficient
• Provides an alternative to permanent makeup


• inflammation of the eyelid or the eyebrow area,
• skin diseases, skin injuries, cuts, abrasions, burns and swelling around the eyebrows,
• sunburn / solarium,
• psoriasis,
• conjunctivitis or other infections,
• recent face or head eye surgery,
• hypersensitivity of the eyes,
• recently made tattoos / permanent makeup (when the skin is not yet healed),
• previous allergic reactions during other treatments performed on the face and head,

In such cases as:
• treatments strongly exfoliating the epidermis, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, etc.
• these treatments may affect the effect of the treatment
• consultation with the beautician performing the treatment is necessary,
• condition after chemotherapy – consult a doctor,
• botox and other fillers (get permission from the person who gave the fillers and ask if the procedure can be performed and in what time interval),


• do not wash your face and eye area up to 24 hours after the procedure,
• do not rub, touch or comb the eyebrows
• avoid sunbathing, saunas, swimming pools, steam and any activities that may affect the durability of henna powder



• eyelashes are visibly curled,
• moisturized,
• soft,
• shiny.


Up to 48 hours after the treatment, do not use strong eye makeup removers as they may discolor the color.

Up to 24h after the treatment, avoid:
• bathing with lots of steam,
• saunas and a swimming pool,
• washing hair,
• applying preparations, ie: color cosmetics, eye cream or serum
• don’t rub or play with your lashes.


• Allergic eye diseases
• Barley on the eyelid
• Eye infections such as conjunctivitis, lichen, herpes
• Chemotherapy
• Skin disease, skin trauma, cuts, abrasions, burns and swelling in the eye area
• Recent operations around the eyes
• Keratitis
• Eye hypersensitivity
• Any disease that causes seizures, tremors or abnormal movements
• Pregnant women.

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