CryoSkin is a revolutionary, effective method of eliminating fatty tissue and toning the skin. Treatments using Cryoskin are safe and non-surgical, with visible effects after just one session.

Cryolipolysis technology consists in freezing fat cells in order to eliminate them, and then eliminate them from our body within 15 days. Cryolipolysis is the only effective method of fat loss, and when using a healthy lifestyle, the effects are permanent. CryoSkin has an innovative head that we put directly on the body (without suction) and we make controlled movements, which eliminates the possibility of frostbite. The course of the treatment consists in heating the selected part of the body even up to 40C, then freezing it to a maximum of -8C, and finally reheating it. This innovative technology has already conquered the US, France and England markets, and is now expanding worldwide.

CryoSlimming – destroys fat cells by controlled freezing. The lower the temperature, the greater the effect. CryoSkin can reach temperatures as low as -8 ° C and maintain a constant value throughout the treatment, protecting the skin at the same time. Clients typically lose between 1 and 2 inches in one session. On average, up to 38% of subcutaneous fat is eliminated in the treatment area in as little as 5 30-minute sessions. The mobile head allows you to reach almost any part of the body, including such hard-to-reach places as the double chin, calves, ankles, sides and knees.

CryoToning – the treatment uses a low temperature of around 0 ° C to accelerate blood and lymph circulation, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. The skin feels instantly smoother and stronger. CryoToning treatments can be performed on any part of the body (cleavage, arms, breast, etc.) for a tight skin effect or for cellulite treatment as the lymphatic drainage resulting from the treatment will help empty cellulite dimples.


– excessive fatty tissue
– cellulite
– loss of flexibility
– loose skin
– double chin
– wrinkles


– reduction of adipose tissue
– elimination of cellulite
– improved flexibility
– face lift
– elimination of fine wrinkles
– elimination of double chin


– pregnancy or breastfeeding
– cancers
– allergic to cold
– fillers in the treatment area – up to 3 months
– Cryoglobulinemia
– skin damage, enema, inflammation at the treatment site
– Raynaud’s disease
– hives due to skin overcooling
Liver disease
– children and adolescents under 16 years of age
– organ transplants
– severe heart disease
– osteoporosis (stage 3)
– pacemaker, metal implants


BeART® is a multifunctional device that is able to respond to the skin’s regenerative needs using advanced technological solutions.

BeART is a device that offers excellent results in the treatment of stretch marks, scars, but also in firming the body and breasts and anti-aging effects on the face and neck. It is a new therapeutic approach that allows our skin to regenerate by using its natural biological functions.
BeArt is a method of treating stretch marks and scars supported by clinical research, regardless of shape, area, cause and age.

Types of treatments and their effects:

– elimination of stretch marks and scars – Effectiveness on all types of stretch marks and scars and on all skin types. The average filling is 83.55% and the feeling is better. No side effects, and the effects are permanent.
– anti-aging treatments for the face and body – visible reduction of wrinkles and improvement of skin elasticity. It moisturizes the skin, reduces the secretion of sebum and normalizes the PH.
– firming, lifting and regenerating treatments for the body (including breasts) – Quantitative and qualitative growth of elastin fibers and increased firmness and elasticity of the treated area.
– Cellulite reduction – Reduction of the volume and visibility of cellulite. Greater skin uniformity and density


– heart failure
– implanted devices (e.g. pacemaker, defibrillator …)
– epilepsy
– treatment zone sensitivity disorders
– any serious diseases of blood circulation (phlebitis, severe varicose veins …)
– taking anticoagulants and blood thinners
– severe kidney or liver disease
– osteoporosis (grade 3). Facial treatment can be performed on a person suffering from osteoporosis
– necrosis of skin tissue that requires surgery such as breast lift, abdominoplasty, arm lift
– cancer
– pregnancy / breastfeeding
– anorexia / bulimia within two years
– skin diseases in the treatment zone
– a hernia that has not been removed in the treatment zone


– Reduction of stretch marks / scars or their complete elimination
– increase in the quality of the amount of elastin and type III collagen
– Significant improvement in skin elasticity
– Considerable firming of the skin
– filling stretch marks and scars by 83.55% on average
– skin hydration
– Reduction of sebum
– Skin PH normalization
– Reduction of the volume and visibility of cellulite. Greater skin uniformity and density.


The Comfort Zone brand was founded in Italy in 1996. The father of the brand is Dr. Davide Bollati, a chemist and pharmacist. Thanks to advanced scientific research and the use of innovative, natural ingredients, it creates effective, skin-friendly and planet-friendly products. Comfort Zone cosmetics contain only ingredients of natural origin, the content of which in the products is very high and reaches up to 99%. It uses the most advanced molecules and innovative carriers to maximize efficiency and stay safe. All products are designed and manufactured in Parma, Italy – in a factory that uses 100% renewable energy. They do not contain parabens or mineral oil, and most importantly, they are silicone-free. They have been replaced with oils and butters for “true natural beauty”.

Endermologia Alliance

An intelligent method of stimulating your skin and your body. The only non-invasive method that causes mechanical stimulation, naturally stimulating cellular metabolism. Visible effects after just 3 treatments.

LPG® endermologie® Alliance

Exclusive technology of mechanical tissue stimulation that reactivates dormant cells and stimulates them to work in a natural way. The device is equipped with a special system of LPG rollers and flaps that act on the skin and the fat cells underneath it, stimulating the lipolysis process and the production of collagen and elastin. Effectively modeling the figure and firming the skin. Edermologie Alliance received the first FDA certificate in the fight against cellulite.

Effective rejuvenation and slimming affecting your body in three dimensions:
• firms the skin by stimulating the production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid
• smoothes cellulite
• reduces locally resistant adipose tissue

• cellulite
• slimming and body shaping
• loss of skin firmness throughout the body
• swelling, stagnation, scars
• relaxation of tense muscles

Contraindications completely for the use of endermologie®:
• tumors
• infection, skin rash
• inflammations
• taking medications to thin the blood
• blood diseases
• pregnancy
• thrombus
• acne inflammation and skin infection
• vitiligo

Local contraindications for endermologie® treatments:
• rosacea
• varicose veins and spider veins
• skin lesions, pressure ulcers, ulcers
• recently formed scars, scar hyperplasia, keloids
• abdominal or inguinal hernia
• changes in bones, joints and muscles in the acute phase
• hormonal implants
• surgery of the veins (during the first 2 months)
• areas subject to surgery under anesthesia (therapeutic programs)
• moles that are raised above the skin surface
• piercing
• fillers
• the use of injectable fillers
• lipomas
• hemangioma


Classic massage

Massage has an analgesic effect, regenerates muscles, increases flexibility and elasticity of muscles. It improves tissue nutrition, speeds up metabolism and activates blood and lymph flow.

Relaxing massage

Massage soothes states of muscle and mental tension and reduces stress. It reduces the symptoms of physical fatigue by normalizing blood pressure and heart rate. Slow and gentle massage movements bring body and soul into harmony.

Anti-cellulite massage

A massage that breaks down fatty tissue and reduces cellulite. It firms and shapes the figure. It combines classic, lymphatic and isometric massage. Also performed with a Chinese cup and a wooden massager.

Hot candle massage

The exclusive brand “A World of Oils” has created the unique SECRET massage candles in which the wax transforms into a warm and sensual massage oil. Thanks to the content of beeswax, soybean oil and pure essential oils, candles have cosmetic properties, making the skin moisturized, velvety and sensually fragrant.

Sweetness of the Orient – orange, sandalwood

The charm of Andalusia – Cistus oil, fragrant vetiver, lavender, bergamot

Philippines pearls – coconut oil, lemongrass, lily of the valley

Chinese cupping massage

The Chinese rubber cupping massage is a specific type of massage, the strength of which can be regulated by controlling the pressure generated inside the cup. It allows you to relax very tense muscles and effectively supports cellulite therapy.


A treatment that shapes and slims the figure, strongly detoxifying. 120 min

It is an ideal treatment to get rid of a few centimeters in the circumference, reduce cellulite, reduce puffiness and tone the body. Effects visible and felt after the first treatment – you can lose up to 15 cm in the circuits!

Unrivaled slimming combined with care.

3 fragrance lines to choose from:

– A touch of Argan Paradise

– Luxurious Golden Honey and Milk

– Sweet Strawberry Love

The course of the procedure:

1. Accurate body measurements – individual areas *

2. Intensive body peeling (legs, abdomen, back)

3. Active ingredients and preparations massaged into the body. **

4. Body wrap – about 40 minutes

5. Intensive manual modeling and draining massage

6. Final measurements.


– Pregnancy

– Lactation

– Skin diseases (infections, inflammations)

– Hypertension

– Liver problems

– Damage to the epidermis

– Period

– Metal implants in tissues

* Measurements are made for the individual knowledge of the client – unless he agrees to make them public.

** You may feel intense heat, itchy skin and bladder pressure.

Hevena Slim

A proprietary treatment that reduces adipose tissue and shapes the body.

The combination of the latest technology of mechanical skin stimulation Endermologie Alliance with specialized thermoactive cosmetics.

Recommended for: reduction of adipose tissue, cellulite, loss of skin firmness, water retention in the body, cleansing the body of toxins.

The treatment is performed in two parts:

– Belly / sides

– Thighs / buttocks


– peeling of the batch

– ampoule application

– massaging the thermo-active gel

– 30-minute endermology


– Pregnancy

– Lactation

– Skin diseases (infections, inflammations)

– Hypertension

– Liver problems

– Damage to the epidermis, skin changes, keloids

– Period

– Metal implants in tissues

– Phlebitis

– Anticoagulants

– Hemangiomas

– Cancer

– Varicose veins

Endermologia Medyczna

Non-invasive mechanical stimulation of connective tissue to reactivate the natural physiological processes used in the treatment of pain, lymphoedema, scars and fibrosis as well as the side effects of mastectomy.


– Tissue softening and anti-fibrotic effect

– Stimulation of the lymphatic system

– Stimulation of vascularization (vascularization)

– Optimization of scar reduction

– Analgesic effect


Before and after aesthetic medicine and surgery (liposuction, etc.) Joint pain, back pain, sprains, limitation of the range of motion in joints, procedures before and after surgery, lymphoedema, slow blood circulation, scars, muscle pain, muscle spasms, muscle tension , drainage and fibrosis as well as eliminating the side effects of mastectomy.

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